Howdy Y’all

Hey, Sepanta here. It’s been over a week since the last post, and there is quite a bit of ground to cover:

1. We survived the storm of the century last Thursday. Okay, fine, maybe not “of the century”, but it was raining pretty hard, and I definitely felt that my car morphed into a boat at a couple points on my drive home (by the way when’s the next Transformers movie coming out again?).
2. The next day I was able to get a lot of work done. My newest task has been to split up all of Harvey’s Facebook friends by location to aid with promotion. Easy, right? Not when your boss is popular and has 5000 friends.
3. James and I took a short break from our Photoshop editing yesterday to fold some cardboard and to move some chickens. Those are exactly what they sound like.
4. Our new portable scanner arrived yesterday. I think it’s probably as cool as a scanner can be (not really saying much).
5. Today I won my brother’s fruit roll-up on a bet about a math problem. He’s 10 years old. Victory never tasted so good.

Other than that, the task I’ve been working on for the past few days has been incorporating the most recent revisions on the book Dislecksia: The Book, and today I finally finished. Things have really been falling into place the past few days, and more and more things are happening faster and faster. We’re excited to get this movie on the road and see what y’all think! (I said “y’all” because the first destination is Florida, and that’s in The South. (We are really cultured.))

That’s all for now, folks. We’ll keep you posted, see you later alligator! (They have alligators in Florida too.)


Bring On The Heat

Hey! It’s my second day in the office today, and I [think I] am a whole day wiser. I arrived here early (read: on time) and having had a full breakfast off eggs and bacon (an improvement over the half muffin I had yesterday), I was ready to go.

I started off the day with logging my first tape (of probably many). After getting through that, it was time to get working on the website. Aimee had written a new post for me to add, and website design had always been one of those things that I had wanted to learn but never had time to (like building an igloo) so I snatched my chance.

After that, most of my day was spent learning how to add 4 paragraphs to the website, but there was a brief interlude when James and I were employed to save the office from the scorching Connecticut heat rays. With our combined 0 years of mechanical experience, aided by our sweat and blood (really, James scratched his elbow) we finally managed to mount both air conditioners…on the wrong windows.

After fixing that and restoring our pride, I got back to work on the website, and I am happy to say that it is now updated. So go check it out now! You can find it right here:

If there are any problems, it’s not my fault! Even though it probably is.


Enter: The New New New Guy

I began my internship today at the offices of Captured Time Productions and it has been pretty smooth sailing (I have never been sailing, and it’s actually probably nothing like this). It’s nice to know even somewhere in the middle (well, actually northwest) of Connecticut, there are people bustling to complete and spread a great and meaningful movie.

My day started by me arriving on time, which I soon learned meant I was late. After reading through the hefty packet of intern rules, etiquette, and just generally how to be good at things, I was put straight to difficult, demanding work—to watch a rough cut of the documentary that Captured Time has been working on since 2003, “Dislecksia: The Movie”. Though I’ve always had friends and cousins with dyslexia, I’d never really looked into it and the struggles it brings. The film certainly changed that. Without giving away too much, I will say it was fantastic. Go see it. When it’s ready.

Following that, I was trained in the art of Photoshop by Renaissance intern James, and whilst eating my salami sandwich (thanks mom!), I was able to help make some changes to the promotional poster. Already, it is clear to me how dedicated, hardworking, and talented these people are and I could not be happier to be interning here for the next couple months. With screenings coming up in the next few weeks, things are going to get busy, and I’m as pumped as a new tire to see where this road leads. (I wish I was actually clever.)

With my first day almost up, I bid you adieu, goodbye, see you later alligator. It’s going to be a great summer, and I’m excited to make it even better.