Hold On, BRB…

Hi friends!

We’re friends, right? What do friends do? They support each other. So support us! We just “kicked off” our second Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to help finish this movie. Donations will go towards partially finishing the credits, the music, and the website. So whaddaya say, pal?

But enough spamming. Today is my second to last day here as an intern, and to commemorate that, my first task this morning was to install the Brita filter. It was a pretty significant feeling knowing Harvey and Aimee trusted me with their health and water supply. I guess with great power comes great responsibility.

The rest of the day was spent researching film festivals, which gets me really excited for all the great places this movie will go as soon as it’s finished. Too bad I won’t be there to see it. And now I’m getting mope-y again about leaving.

But seriously, this is not a goodbye post. This is just a “Hold on, BRB” post.




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