Sad News

It is a sad start to Dyslexia Awareness Month, and on World Literacy Day, we are saying our prayers for Stephen J. Cannell’s family.  He passed away Thursday at his home, at the age of 69.

Known as being a prolific writer for TV, his words of encouragement for dyslexia are what we are remembering today.

“The real fear that I have for dyslexic people is not that they have to struggle with jumbled input or that they can’t spell, but that they will quit on themselves before they get out of school. Parents have to create victories whenever they can, whether it’s music, sports or art. You want your dyslexic child to be able to say: “Yeah, reading’s hard. But I have these other things that I can do.”Stephen J. Cannell. (Newsweek Interview on Dyslexia, November 1999)