A Positive Case of the Monday’s

Ahhhhh Monday! (Not quite as leisurely as Aimee’s “Ahhhhh Friday”) Having a case of the Monday’s, but powering through it. I started the day off by logging an interview that Harvey and Mr. West Coast, Eric Gardner, had with Avid.com regarding their experiences, plans, and goals regarding Dislecksia: The Movie. Some of you may be asking yourself, “what does he mean when he says, ‘logging video’?” Well ladies and gentlemen; logging video is when you type out every word spoken during an interview. When I say every word, I mean EVERY WORD.

Was it fun? YOU BETCHA! Unfortunately, the other intern, Nick Forte, was here today, so I had to split the duties with him. I have to admit, he was much faster as logging than I was. That is why he has been awarded the new name, “Nick ‘Logging Is My’ Forte.” Congratulations buddy, you did it!

But aside from all that, the interview was very good. I probably listened to it 500 times, so I would know. The interview can be listened to HERE on Avid’s web site

Outside of the logging world, many other things were occurring around the office. Most importantly, Harvey’s dog, Ellie May, ate yet another cord. I guess she was trying to get her daily dose of fiber…fiber optics that is. Ahhh! Get it!? That corny joke would have been funny if she ate a fiber optic cable, but she ate a power cord. Okay, so maybe the joke was corny, but just let it happen, I’m on a roll.

Clearly that wasn’t the most important thing that happened in the office today. It was merely just an attempt to lighten the mood. After all, it is Monday! Moving along. Today Harvey read up on some of the latest studies on dyslexia, which focus on the positives aspects of this learning difference, to try and include in the film.

Harvey and Aimee have been hard at work, rough editing the last few sections of Dislecksia: The Movie, so they can send out west for Eric to review and fine tune. Today, they dealt with the Advocacy chapter as well as the Conclusion. From what I overheard, they are “right on frickin schedule.” On top of that, Harvey and Aimee are finding more dyslexics to do VO (voice over – I love using film jargon) work on some of the B-Roll footage.

On a lighter note, we had a moving meeting today (we have a moving meeting every day) and the office is slowly starting to get picked up and ready to be shipped over to our new location (57.5 days and counting).

After all of the missions accomplished today, Monday hasn’t been that bad. Hope all your Monday’s weren’t so bad as well. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and info on Dislecksia: The Movie as well as The Movement.

Paul Blood

Production Assistant Intern